Who we are

Ea Energy Analyses is a Danish consulting company providing consulting services and performing research in the field of energy and climate change. Ea Energy Analyses operates in Denmark, the Nordic region and abroad with project activities in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.


Teaching experience

In the last ten years Ea Energy Analysis has conducted dozens of seminars and training sessions on the topics of renewables integration, modelling and analysis of energy systems and power system planning using the Balmorel model.

Typical clients include: energy ministries, utility companies, international associations and think-tanks.

Countries: Denmark, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Ethiopia.

Online Courses Instructors

Nina Dupont

Nina has worked with several mathematical tools and energy models to perform simulations and analyses of energy systems. In particular, Nina has extensive experience applying the Balmorel model for power system analyses.

Alberto Dalla Riva

Alberto combines knowledge about power system engineering, energy system analysis and electricity markets. He has worked on a number of different projects related to data analysis, modelling of energy systems with economic dispatch models and wind integration.