Introduction to Balmorel for South Africa – DEA (Analyst)

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This course is part of the “Introduction to Balmorel for South Africa” training.

The training is divided in two consecutive courses

  1. Introduction to Balmorel for South Africa (Analyst)
  2. Introduction to Balmorel for South Africa (Operator)

This first part consists of three days of training on high level conceptual topics related to

  • Power system modelling
  • The Balmorel model (comparison to other models, functionality, strengths and weaknesses, applications etc.)
  • South-African Balmorel model (overview of the specific Balmorel model used for South-Africa)
  • Experiences from Denmark and other global cooperations
  • Balmorel data-flow and the IT set-up used in this training
  • Hands-on working with model results through pivot tables

It is intended that all participants (analysts and operators) of the “Introduction to Balmorel for South Africa” training participate in this first course!

The course is organised by days to indicate a recommended pace. However, all material will be available at the start of the course to allow for extra flexibility.

Class recordings, web-meetings via Teams, Exercises and Tests will compliment each other to instruct on the basics of the Balmorel model.
At the end of this course, completing a course evaluation and the Final Analyst test end this course and earn you a Balmorel Analyst – level 1 certificate.

Those who have signed up as Operators, will then be able to continue the Introduction to Balmorel for South Africa (Operator) course, which consists of seven days of training on Balmorel operation, including more detailed insight in the model functionality as well as hands-on work on setting-up simulations and retrieving model results.

Organised by:

In this section, you find a library of relevant material on previous studies in South Africa and Balmorel analyses.

Balmorel manual:

Previous Balmorel studies in South Africa:

Previous Sisyfos study in South Africa:

Other Balmorel studies:

Relevant documents and reports: